To inform the students who have passed the exams in previous years to know that the institute will begin registering for the new school year 2018-2019 and will attend the lastest on December 03rd, 2018 and so on ....... For students passing the exam in 2018, the Institute will offer special discounts for mention A-> 100% B-> 70% C-> 30% and D-> 20% ...........
News And Events Of Institute

Friday/February/2020 15:55:35pm
បញ្ចូលដោយ: Nib
Friday/February/2020 09:54:33am
បញ្ចូលដោយ: Nib
Friday/February/2020 07:53:15am
Cambodian Red Cross youth members at the National Institute of Business receive first aid training
បញ្ចូលដោយ: nib
Tuesday/February/2020 08:40:20am
On Monday, March 2, 2020, Cambodian Red Cross Youth members at the National Institute of Commerce receive a First Aid Training led by Red Cross Officer, Ms. Ou Prum Sotheary, Deputy director and 50 Red Cross youth members of the Institute attended For the purpose of studying First Aid for more information.
National Institute of Business sends condolence letter to University partner in China about Virus Corona
បញ្ចូលដោយ: nib
Friday/February/2020 09:01:45am
Because China is suffering from the Corona virus, which has caused one of the population to die and is spreading to some Chinese, the National Institute of Business as Partnership with the some of university in China so we condolences.
Lecturers and Students of National Institute of Business visited RMA (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
បញ្ចូលដោយ: NIB
Thursday/February/2020 20:39:43pm
On Thursday, February 6, 2020, Mrs. Ou Phromsotheary, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Business led 4 professors and 22 students to visit RMA (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., a Ford dealership and other products aimed at getting students to know how to operate Performs practical work, HR needs and sales marketing of the company. During this visit, RMA (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Provides students with the National Institute of Business's employment and internship opportunities, as well as provides students with additional knowledge, experience and income.
បញ្ចូលដោយ: NiB
Tuesday/January/2020 14:40:30pm
បញ្ចូលដោយ: NiB
Tuesday/January/2020 14:37:23pm
HE TEP Oeun, Director of National Institute of Business, met with delegation from Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
បញ្ចូលដោយ: NIB
Wednesday/January/2020 11:32:40am
On Tuesday, January 25, 2020, HE Tep Oeun, Director of the National Institute of Business, met with the delegation from the Yunnan University of Finance. and Economics.
បញ្ចូលដោយ: Nib
Monday/December/2019 19:16:55pm
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